About Us

Our story

Karta Staffing born from the necessity of new talent in the legal system. With our latin roots, we believe in diversity in law firms and legal departments, our lawyers in Puerto Rico leaded by our own star Lourdes Fuentes, had been trained with the highest standards in innovation and creativity to think out of the box. Each member of our team has been empowered with a particular skillset and individual thinking, and we motivated everyone to expand our synergistic thinking.

Strategic Alliances

Karta Staffing has proudly established a close relationships with the best professional associations. From universities and local association chapters, we focus to continue driving the professional development of ambitious professionals and provide job opportunities for members of professional associations.

Our Values

At our core, Karta Staffing is a family. We cultivate the respect and trust among our team, and innate an empathetic environment. Our goal is to welcome and cultivate internal and external relationships. We endorse each other through difficult times and embrace our triumphs. We believe in diversity, inclusion, understanding, reflection, and altruism mentality in all of our whirl. With this practice Karta Staffing ensure the satisfaction of our employees and clients.


Karta Staffing used the latest business methodology in the world. With the help of Lean Six Sigma and Agile, we up-skilling our team and giving them tools to tackle legal innovation effectively and efficiently, we will be able to deliver unparalleled services and value to our clients. Our team has been trained with new skills and the use of tools to improve processes, we will optimize the success of any initiative. Distinguish yourself from other traditional legal services providers and help shape the legal professionals of the future!